Beginner Guitar Scales
Pentatonic Scale Patterns Box 2

Step Two to Guitar Solo mastery | Pentatonic Pattern Two Beginner guitar scales are the first step to mastering solo guitar.

Why are beginner guitar scales so vital for solo guitar and so popular with players and audiences?

Well, Ted Nugent puts it this way it is one of - " the sonic warfare elements".

The 5 Pentatonic Scale Patterns - Revisited

The pentatonic scale is simple, beginner simple. Only 5 notes arranged in easy to remember beginner guitar scales.

Yet it is the basic foundation of the Blues, Rock and Roll and a whole bunch of other types of music.

I think that's a great reason to start with the pentatonic scale patterns as opposed to the hundreds of other scale patterns that you could start with. Why complicate your life?

The pentatonic scale is the fastest way to sounding really good.

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Pentatonic Scale Patterns - Box 2.
Progress marches on.


To really get these patterns into your long-term memory, there is no substitute for practice.

This practice can take many forms.

First you want to just get the guitar scale patterns down so that you know what they are and what they look and feel like.

They need to be in your muscle memory.

Go slowly at first memorize how the pattern looks and feel without any metronome or drum machine.

At this point, they would be a distraction.

As soon as you know the pattern get out the metronome.

Set it at a slow speed and spent some time working at it.

Speed it up when it gets to be too easy.

This is a great metronome to use Just for that.

Metronome by

Now it's time to use a backing track in A or a drum machine.
Jam until it feels like second nature.

Here is the graphic and tab for pattern one to review and compare with pattern two.


See you at beginner scales - pentatonic scale patterns box 3 soon.

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