The Melodic Minor Scale for Guitar

The Melodic minor scale is a Jazz scale. Plain and simple. If you want to sound jazzy this is the scale for you.

You might say, Roy, hey, what can I play to sound sophisticated and hip so I can play with the other cats at the Jazz festival? Melodic Minor. Chicks dig this stuff.

So the whole thing on scales is the vibe the feel that you can get from them.

This scale is very Jazzy. If you want to impress with your prowess and versatility, learn this scale.

Enough going on about this stuff. Roy, How can I make this mine? Practice.

Learn all 5 positions, one at a time with a metronome, speed it up to a acceptable speed and then go on to improvisation with a drum machine. When you can record yourself for yourself and impress not only yourself but others that don't know you, you have arrived. Congratulations. 

Listen to people that play Jazz just before you go to bed and let your brain process it during the night. You might be surprised at what your playing the next day.

Melodic Minor Scale Chart
Click here for a free printable PDF file of this scale.

Melodic Minor Tab and Notation.
Click here for a free playable Guitar Pro file of this scale pattern.

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