The Diminished Scale for Guitar

The Diminished scale is an important scale used in Jazz but can also be used in blues.

It can also be used for fusion and heavy metal.

If your into jazz this is one you need to learn. Its one of these scales that just sound like jazz. 

I like to think of these kinds of scales as mental gymnastics, not only for the player, but for the listener. Make those neurons pop. 

Use your metronome to learn all 5 patterns one at a time and then experiment with how to hook them up so you can move up and down the neck while improvising.

That is what allot of what Jazz is all about. Jamming.

Once you have them down, use a drum machine to make up licks and get it sounding musical.

Diminished Scale Chart
Click here for a free printable PDF file of this scale.

Diminished Scale Tab and Notation
Click here for a free playable Guitar Pro file of this scale.

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