Mixolydian Mode Guitar Scale

The Mixolydian Mode Guitar Scale has a blues sound and feel to it.

This one is a rocker if played right. Well worth your time to learn this thoroughly, take your time, this will pay off if you are into Blues, Country, Rockabilly or Rock.

Take each pattern one at a time until you have all five memorized. Then connect them together up and down the neck.

Practice this scale with a metronome until you get each pattern down enough to play it without thinking about it.

A drum machine is a huge help to make this set of scales musical. Which is the whole point. I recommend a triplet pattern on this one.

Make up licks move around the scale with bends, pull-offs, slides and hammer ons and Pull offs. 

The more you experiment the more natural it will sound. Have fun with it. 

Mixolydian Mode Guitar Scale Chart
Click here for a high quality printable PDF file of this scale chart.

Mixolydian  Guitar Scale Tab and Notation
Click here for a playable Guitar Pro file of this mode.

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