Locrian Mode for Guitar

The Locrian Mode is an interesting scale that can add drama to your playing.

This one is a very sinister sounding mode. It is suitable for metal and jazz.

Not many songs use the locrian mode. It is so evil sounding that one of the Popes of the Catholic Church banned it. That's pretty bad.

But, if your into that sort of thing, just for kicks it can be something different. 

Your metronome is the key to making this mode your own. Start slow and increase your speed on each position so you can play it so fast your face falls off.

Pick your face up off the floor and go onto the next pattern till you have all five down.

Then put them together, up and down the neck from one pattern to another on each string. Then go onto two strings etc, until your all over your neck it all sounds good.

Go onto licks, make them up with the drum machine going . Each rhythm will be a different feel and your creativity will grow every day.

So, have fun with that one. 

Locrian Scale Chart
Click here for a high quality printable PDF file of this mode.

Locrian Mode Tab and Notation for Guitar.
Click here for a playable Guitar Pro file of the tab and notation for this mode.

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