Guitar Practice motivation
Make serious progress on the guitar.

How do you stay on track and make progress on the guitar?

Guitar practice motivation comes from setting goals and maintaining momentum.

Making progress towards your goals is sometimes very slow.

As your fingers gain strength and dexterity you'll notice a snowball effect - be patient with yourself.

It also helps to have the best beginner electric guitar that inspires you. A great electric guitar amp for your type of music, guitar recording software or some other way to keep track of your progress.

These are the steps to guitar practice motivation that I've learned over the last 20 years.

Guitar practice motivation. 
Stay motivated - get results.

Key: Make sure you make progress in the mastery of something new every day.

1.Desire - Build a burning desire to master your guitar. What will you be able to enjoy by learning to play guitar? What opportunities will open up?

See yourself succeeding and having a great time playing great guitar and really entertaining the people around you.

2.Goals - What styles of guitar do you want to play and at what level of skill? Do you just want to learn a few songs or do you want to be a professional guitarist?

Break down your large goals into smaller steps towards those goals. Keep track of your metronome speeds go for perfect execution and then bump up your speed a little at a time if you goof up back it down, too easy? Move ahead.

Want to solo? Play the blues? Learn your pentatonic scales one at a time and then combine them together, learn to move smoothly between them.

A good Guitar course will break those steps down into manageable chunks for you, master one at a time.

3. A plan - a course of action - A private teacher or a guitar course on DVD or an online membership. This will give you an outline a course of action to keep you on track

4.Diligent effort- Daily effort towards your goals. Write down what you did, metronome speeds. Shoot for faster until your satisfied.

5.Notice your results. - Are you getting what you want?Record your progress - how does it sound? - get feedback from others. Fine tune your techniques.

6.Change your strategy if necessary. - Consult experienced guitarists or a teacher if you are really stumped (Good home study courses have access to a teacher also.) or just try something different.

7.Master what you have learned on a subconscious level - Drill your new skills so you can play without thinking about what to do next. Practice scales while watching TV. Pump your favorite music in over and over so that you relate to it on a subconscious level.

8. Reward yourself - you worked hard - Do something fun -Go walk in the woods. Go four-wheeling if you have a jeep. Buy a new guitar, amplifier or effects box. Maybe that piece of guitar software or course that you have been wanting.

9. Take the next step - Start on the next small goal towards your major goal of mastery. A good teacher or guitar lesson course will keep you on track.

Earl Nightengale is considered by many experts to be the father of personal development.

He distilled success down to this one sentence "You become what you think about."

Think about how to succeed, how to get better, back it up with massive intense practice and performance.

If you think about becoming a great guitar player and take the actions necessary its just a matter of time till you are one.

Here's to many years of guitar success - Go for it.

The Strangest Secret - Applied to guitar

The Strangest secret is the key to guitar success or any other kind of success.

You become what you think about most of the time.

Think about becoming an excellent guitar player.

Work towards it and that's what you will become.

Roy Barnett

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