Looking for a left-hand guitar chord chart?

Agood printable left-hand guitar chord chart is probably hard to come by in a mostly right-handed world.

The following left handed guitar chord chart is for the most basic chords. All the complex chords evolve from these basic chords.

Learn these left handed guitar chords and the world of bar chords will open up to you because basic bar chords are just the simple open chords further up the neck.

Download a copy of this left-hand guitar chord chart - click here.

So what good are the basic left handed guitar chords?

Well, they are at the same time useless and vital.

By that I mean randomly they don't do anything. Except sound bad.

The left-hand guitar chart is a tool. A reference. You must use that tool to put the basic chords into the chord progression

Chord progressions and really where it is at.

The chord progressions are based on music theory. I am not even going to attempt to go into theory too much. But then again you don't have to know too much to use it.

If you have a metronome and a drum machine it's the best way to learn chord progressions that I know of.

Start out learning to switch between the chords in these simple progressions as slowly as you can. So slow it seems ridiculous.

Why? It works the changes into your nervous system so that they become part of you.

Work your speed up slowly. Progress onto the metronome and then finally the drum machine. You'll find that each new drum pattern is like a different song. Amazing stuff. Fun too.

Here's some simple chord progressions to learn with the left handed guitar chords. Refer to the left handed guitar chord chart.

C | F | G | C

D | G | A | D

G | C | D | G

A | D | E | A

C | Dm | G | C

D | Em | A | D

G | Am | D | G

So go ahead and memorize and learn each chord from the left-hand guitar chord chart so that it is an automatic reflex you can use without thinking.

Be patient with yourself.

Have a great time with these, This is only the very beginning. These may seem very simple but remember, hundreds of hits songs where made from only three chords.
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