How to learn guitar fast

You want to know how to learn guitar fast as possible.

Nobody can blame you on that one. Time is short here on planet earth. So if you want to make serious progress you have to know what your destination is.

First of all, what is your definition of being able to play guitar?

For all I know you might be thinking of anything from strumming a few chords to becoming a virtuoso guitar player like Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai.

Both of these goals is obtainable because someone has already done it. If it wasn't nobody would have done it at all.

Both of those goals take much different paths, once you get down the road apiece.

Before you can make progress you have to take the brakes off.

What slows a guitar student down?

Several things come to mind about stuff that can slow you down. Here is my list of the top reasons.

1. Confusion - Where to start? What to do next? Aimlessly wandering without a clue. Find a good lesson course and follow it. End of confusion.

2. Weak fingers and hands. Hands and fingers in great shape point the way to progress. Check out this page for some great ideas on how to keep your hands in great shape.

3. Discouragement with progress.

4. The wrong kind of guitar and equipment.

5. Sore fingers.

6. Not enough time.

7. Shyness and lack of self-confidence.

8. Lack of discipline.

9. Not feeling well.

10. Long fingernails on the fretting hand.

11. Not investing in learning tools such as metronomes and helpful software.

12. Moving too fast before the fundamentals are internalized.

13. Putting yourself down.

14 A messed up guitar that is not set up properly.

15. Distractions from any source.

How to Learn Guitar Fast - Speed up your Progress

How to learn guitar Fast - Things that speed up progress

Start with the end in mind - Your Goal.

1. Set a goal. Make a plan.

Old advice but how many really follow it?

What do you want to play and how well do you want to play it?

Write it down. Review it daily.

2. Make a plan - How are you going to learn it? Ask questions of people that have done it before you. Study the masters and purchase the best instruction you can find.

Start with a general study of the basics such as chords, strumming, and rhythm and then move onto specialized courses that will teach you the style you want to learn.

3. Want to know how to learn guitar fast? Put in the time. Follow that plan. The more time you can put in every day on things that count towards you goal, the faster you learn to play guitar.

No way around this learning guitar takes concentrated effort, Nobody falls out of bed and can just play guitar.

So how do you do that? Cut off the junk. TV, partying, goofing around with friends.

Sounds like I'm telling you to be a hermit. That's about right.

Ask Eddie Van Halen. When he was learning, that's about all he did.

While his friends were chasing women, he was learning guitar.

Quantum physics - How to learn guitar fast by changing the results by expecting success.

4. Develop a burning desire. Nothing comes to you. You have to go after it.

How do you do that? When you are not learning guitar, visualize how great it's going to be to be amazing on guitar.

While you are learning guitar, visualize successfully learning that hard stuff you are working on.

Listen to your heroes play guitar and imagine you doing the same thing.

Youtube is a great source of videos for inspiration.

5. Keep your hands in great shape. Hand exercises and stretching on and off the guitar will build the strength needed to make rapid progress possible.

6. Keep your calluses built up! Taking too much time off from the guitar will make your hard-earned calluses go away. All that pain from building them up again will slow you down.

7. Make sure you have the action and setup on the guitar set for easy playing. Strings that are too high off the fretboard will make playing much harder. Thick strings are hard on hands. consider a light gauge set of strings.

8. Trim those fingernails on your fretting hand. Keeping your nails properly trimmed will save allot of time.

9. Eat well, get enough sleep and stay in shape. If you want to know how to learn guitar fast, mental and physical energy are your most important assets. If you fall asleep while doing the grunt work, such as learning scales, your progress will suffer greatly.

10. Invest wisely in tools such as a high-quality metronome, tuner and software to slow down tough to learn stuff such as solo exercises. If you want to know how to learn guitar fast, these items can really, really speed your progress

11. Want to know a secret on how to learn guitar fast?
Never put yourself down.

Some of the most famous guitar players out there will tell you that they did not come by it naturally.

What does this have to do with learning how to play guitar fast?

It's 90% mental. Encourage yourself. Record your progress. Reward yourself.

12. Conquer shyness by knowing how you look and sound when you play.

Use a video camera of some kind that is easy to use and record your progress.

Perfect your act Before taking it to the people.

I hope you enjoyed this page on how to learn guitar fast.

Bottom line: By putting more time in and at the same time more of you and your concentration and determination, you will vastly speed your progress on the guitar.

To your rapid progress and success

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