Major Pentatonic Guitar Scale

The Major Pentatonic Guitar Scale is used quite a bit in country music. Why?, Because it sounds like country music.

Each one of the modes sound different and convey a different emotion.

Just like sentences and the words they are composed of, they are used to communicate the feeling that the person playing the scale or mode are trying to convey to the listener.

So major scales are bright happy cheerful sounding scales, and the major pentatonic is just that, happy and upbeat.

The musical styles that use the major pentatonic are country, blues, fusion, jazz and rock. When the player wants to lighten things up, the major pentatonic is the scale of choice.

The major pentatonic is easy to learn if you already know the minor pentatonic scale. Just move it up two frets. Thats it, all five scale patterns are the same.

Easy street.

To learn these scales take each pattern one at a time and practice with a metronome.

When you have the first one down, go onto the next until you have each of them practiced and memorized.

This is where it get fun. You really need a drum machine for this.

All the different patterns on the drum machine will inspire different ways of playing. Each pattern is a different solo, a different song.

No drum machine? No problem, there are some great ones online. Google it.

Major Pentatonic Guitar Scale chart
Click here for a free printable PDF file of this scale

Major Pentatonic Scale Tab and Notation
Click here for a free playable Guitar Pro File of this scale.

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