Guitar Recording Software

Too many things to learn?

Learning guitar recording software when you should be learning guitar?

One common quality of great guitarists is that they put many, many of hours practicing and just playing their guitars. Makes sense doesn't it?

How many hours? - I've heard of 8 hour days being pretty common for top notch guitarists in their first learning phases.

Research has shown that to become a world class expert at any skill takes 3 hours a day for ten years - or 6 for five years etc.

I don't know about you but that many hours can be hard to find during a day. What a guitarist needs is a way to make recording fast and easy.

One of the keys to obtaining your goals is to notice the results you are achieving and adjust your course.

Recording yourself playing guitar is a good way to notice your results.

Recording software can be really tough to learn.

I've tried using my computer for just that - bought computer audio interfaces - books on recording - microphones and software.

I've found that it can take many frustrating hours just trying to figure out what the heck to do with it all. Hours that could be spent practicing.

I just want to play my guitar and get better at it. If I wanted to be a recording engineer I would have gone to school to do just that. Probably would have to put in 3 hours a day for ten years. Guitar recording software like pro tools can take months to learn.

So how does one simplify the process?

Well, any way you look at it, you have to have a way to get your guitar signal into either your computer or a standalone device. So it's not just not just software that you need. You also need a computer interface.

Each one of the suggestions following have their own way of doing that.

Guitar Recording Software and easy to use tools

Here are some great tools to do just that.

1. Field recorder. These are straight forward. these are good for acoustic guitar (this is a link to acoustic guitar reviews) or electric guitar. Or electric guitar recording. No need to line microphone up just so. They are designed to pick up anything you hear in the room. Hit the button and record. Unlike a specialized guitar recorder, you can use them for other things that you would like to record.

2. Line 6 spider jam. I have the spider jam amplifier and I use it all the time, it has a built-in multitrack looping recorder with a drum machine, I like it, it sounds good and all you have to do is push a button or two to get going.

3. Stealthplug with Riffworks. - This a very versatile interface with really great electric guitar recording software. It works with either a stealth plug interface or one of the great products from Line 6, such as a POD XT.

4. Line 6 Backtrack with microphone. - This is a CD quality recorder that has a guitar input that records as you play. Captures everything you play sing or hear with a button to mark the best stuff for easy recall.

If you are serious now about learning guitar recording software and are willing to learn Cubase and Protools are the software of choice nowadays.

Go for it if you are really serious you'll be wanting professional quality recording someday anyway. (Prepare for a big learning curve.)

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