Guitar Speed Training Techniques

metronomes and drum machines.

Guitar speed training. Ever wonder how the guitar greats developed such amazing speed?

Metronomes can make allot of people go into a deep sleep in no time at all. Myself included.

Guitar speed training depends on them. What's the solution to the monotony?

If you want to play fast guitar and learn to shred it takes consistent practice. Falling asleep is not going to make it.

It really helps to get enough sleep and keep yourself in excellent physical shape. Learning guitar takes energy and concentration. Take care of yourself!

If used correctly a metronome is a key tool for building blinding speed.

A metronome is an essential little tool used by musicians for more years than I know about. The problem is with them is the monotonous tick tick can get old very fast and one thing your practice sessions don't need to be are boring.

Now I am not saying metronomes don't have their place, they do. Many of the well-known guitar greats have sharpened their skills at an amazing level with just such a machine, and they are a time-tested way to drill for extreme speed.

I find that a metronome is the best way to get a lick, scale, arpeggio or chord change happening smoothly. Gaining speed by starting slowly and building up to a certain level with beats in between beats.

When I feel my speed is up to where it should be, then moving the drum machine speed up a notch. A great way to get the feel for putting it into a performance.

If you can make your practice more exciting why not?

That's what a drum machine can do for you and your guitar speed training.

The right drum machine can change that boredom into a "Where in the world did the last two hours go?", jam session.

Guitar Speed Training - Recommended Tools

Recommended metronomes

  1. Peterson Body beat - This is a unique metronome designed to help the user internalize the rhythm pattern so they can concentrate on making music instead of watching and listening to a metronome. You clip the vibrating unit to wherever you are most comfortable with it, set the beat pattern and do your thing.
  2. Korg MA30 digital metronome - This little blue box has been the best investment of $30 I have ever made. Easy to use with a variety of beats to make things interesting.

Recommended dedicated drum machines

  1. Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 - A top of the line drum machine with guitar effects processor built in. Quite a bit of money but for what it does and how it can help a person, well worth the money.
  2. Alesis SR-18 digital drum machine - At around $250 This is an amazing machine with drums bass percussion and if you want to get involved with programming, you can put together almost everything you'll need for your own complete songs.
  3. Alesis SR-16 digital drum machine - One of the most popular drum machines ever made. Inexpensive, reliable and versatile.
  4. Line 6 Spider jam this is a great practice amp with amazing capabilities including drums

For guitar speed training, metronomes and drum machines along with the proper playing techniques for speed are in my opinion and in the opinion of some of the  best players in the world, the only way to go.

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Roy Barnett

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