Fun and Easy Three Chord Guitar Songs.

Three chord guitar songs for guitar
3 Chord power chord progressions for rock explained.

Where would we be without three chord guitar songs? Many of the most famous songs in the world are formed by only three chord progressions for guitar.

These are really easy songs to learn.

This is where it gets fun. These 3 chord guitar songs are easy to learn. Songs that can serve both as beginner guitar songs and songs for someone who has been playing for years.

Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and countless others did not come to the attention of the world with complex songs. No, many of the songs just had raw emotion and attitude going for them and the voice and personality of the singers that sang them.

3 chord progressions every guitarist should know.

Ok, what are these 3 chords that have launched thousands of songs?

Mostly the "I-IV-V" chords that I mentioned in my blues chords page. Simple straight forward nothing complex or hard to learn. There might be some variations and maybe even some 4 chords songs that use mostly the basic three chord progression with an altered chorus. Nothing you can't handle.

Quite a few of these songs are based on power chords. These are strong aggressive chords that are easy to form and use.

Here is a list of the most common three chord progressions for guitar. Print out the chord chart on this site and just strum and practice so that you can move smoothly and accurately between the 3 chords.

The key to learning chord changes is to move slowly between the chords with your fingers as relaxed as possible. This keeps the muscle tension out of the muscle memory.

Strength and flexibility are important - see my exercise pages for effective techniques that will speed your progress tremendously.

Three chord progressions for guitar - Easy "I-IV-V" songs with 3 chords

C: C-F-G7

C power chord progression: C5-F5-G5

G: G-C-D7

G power chord progression: G5-C5-D5

D: D-G-A7

D power chord progression: D5-G5-A5

A: A-D-E7

A power chord progression: A5-D5-E5

E: E-A-B7

E power chord progression: E5-A5-B5

F: F-Bb-C7

F power chord progression: F5-Bb5-C5

My suggestion on these is to find the original songs that you enjoy and play recordings so you can play along. Why? It's easier to learn to play it so it sounds right that way.

In order to prove that you can really play the guitar, a guitarist should be building their repertoire.

A selection of three chord guitar songs that you can play at a moments notice. Playing along with the originals will hone your skills.

There are thousands of three chord songs - buy a selection of books with three chord guitar songs. Take my advice, buy the ones with the play along CD's.

Chord progression practice tip

Practice changing from one chord to the other in these progressions with a metronome or a drum machine. Practice these enough and you will be ready for any 3 three chord guitar song.

Metronome by

Write your own songs

Once you get these three chord progressions for guitar under your fingers there is no reason why you couldn't write your own songs. Give it a try.

I like to say don't try to impress, just be impressive.

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