Lydian Mode Guitar Scale

The Lydian mode guitar Scale is a exotic sounding scale used in jazz, Fusion, Rock and Country.

If you want to soar through a guitar solo, this is an amazing mode. A compressor hooked up to your guitar will carry the notes out and you will be flying. I recommend some overdrive, a slight bit of distortion, a bit of delay also.

To get this scale memorized, use a metronome and learn all five positions and then learn to connect them up and down the neck. 

Invent licks that sound good by setting aside time to just play the scale with a drum machine playing.

The last step to perfecting your take on this scale is a backing track. (Backing Tracks are coming Soon, watch for them.)  Playing over chords will take all your hard work and make it shine. 

This is a mode that is worth your time. Guitarist like Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and John Scofield play this one all the time. It soars.

Lydian Mode Guitar Scale chart
Click here for a high quality printable PDF chart of this scale.

Lydian Mode Guitar Scale Tab and Notation
Click here for a playable Guitar Pro file of this scale.

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