Beginner guitar scales
Pentatonic scales for beginners
pattern/ Box 3

Beginner Guitar Scales -  Pentatonic Box 3

Beginner guitar scales

How do you master solo guitar as fast as possible? Do this.

The most effective beginner guitar scales for mastering solo guitar are the pentatonic scales.

Bold statement yet the history of Rock and Roll and the Blues will back me up. Without an argument.

That most likely means that if you are a beginning guitar student looking for a way to sound good fast. You are in the right place.

If you arrived here first, Welcome but its probably not the best place to start.
That's alright, we like you anyway.

Check out the following link to take you to step one / box one of the beginner guitar scales lessons.

Beginner guitar scales - Part one - The adventure begins.....

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This lesson covers box or pattern 3 of the pentatonic scale.

I find that the key of A is a very versatile one to work with.

Once you learn them is the key of A, it's just a slight adjustment up or down the neck to change to whichever key that you need or want to play in.

This link will take you to the fastest way to learn the fretboard so you can freely move these patterns up and down to whatever key you wish to play in.


When you feel that you have pattern 3 under your fingers use the metronome to bring up your speed slowly.

Metronome by

Here is pattern two of the pentatonic scale so you can see how they fit together on the fretboard


Congratulations on your progress - your more than halfway through the most important scale patterns in the history of rock and roll and the blues.
Don't stop!

Along with the beginner scales, a great beginning practice schedule should include daily guitar finger exercises and a stretching program to keep you limber and your hands strong.

The exercise program I have outlined on this site has done a world of good for my guitar skills.

Strength and flexibility are usually not talked about too much when the subject of learning guitar comes up.

I believe it is vital to give you the edge over other players.

A horse can win a race by mere inches.

A complete hand and finger exercise program can do the same for a guitarist.

To sum up This lesson.

1.You have learned the 3rd pentatonic scale box and how to combine it with pattern number 2.

2. You have had a chance to practice the two patterns with the metronome and make it part of you.

3. You have learned about the importance of a regular finger and hand strengthening routine and how it can give you the edge over other guitarists.

Congratulations - it's time to move on to Beginner guitar scales pattern / box 4. coming soon!

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