Beginner Guitar Scales
Pentatonic Scales for Beginners Pattern / Box 4

The Beginner guitar scales. Welcome to lesson 4.
Your almost done. Two more scales to learn.

In this lesson, we will learn pattern / box 4 of the pentatonic scale.

We will also review pattern / box 3 and see how they fit together.

If you arrived here first - Welcome, I'm glad your here but its probably not the best place to start on beginning scales.

This link will take you to lesson one. Thank you!

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Why are these pentatonic scales the best beginner guitar scales?

1. They are easy to learn.

2. They are fun to play solos.

3. They sound great.

4. They are used for thousands of songs.

5. They are the basic structure of both the blues and rock and roll.

6. You can sound great fast!

How to learn this scale fast.

1. Use the graphic and tab to learn the scale and practice till it feels completely natural.

2. Use the metronome to get up to the speed that you feel best about.

Start slow and raise the speed slowly.

If you start messing up, you're moving too fast. Slow it down a bit and try again.

3. Next step Drum machine or backing track in the key of A to improvise over and make it your own.


Metronome by

Now let's see how beginning guitar scale number 4 fits together with number 3

Take a look at the top of pattern 4.

What you should notice that it's the same as the bottom of pattern number 3.

It's the same notes. They share those notes and that is where they run together for playing solo's.

Extra credit - Learn to move seamlessly between the two and use them to improvise over a backing track.

In this lesson on the beginner guitar scales, you learned the 4Th pattern of the Pentatonic scale in the key of A.

You have also learned how 3 and 4 fit together.

Moving between the boxes is a big step towards seamless solo guitar.

Be sure to review these scales frequently so they become part of who you are.

Congratulations on your progress - your one scale away from mastering the most important scale patterns in the history of rock and roll and the blues.
Don't stop!

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