Beginner Guitar Scales
Pentatonic Scales for Beginners
Pattern Box 5

Welcome to Beginner Guitar Scales Lesson 5

You are almost done yet just beginning.

The beginner guitar scales are one of the most important feathers in the cap of guitar mastery there are.

You have not wasted your time.

The first efforts while learning guitar might seem slow, awkward and crude, but they start the ball of guitar mastery rolling in your favor. If you arrived here first - Welcome! Glad you made it but this page is probably not the best place to start. Follow this link to Beginner guitar scales part one.

Here are the links to all of the lessons on the beginner scales

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In this Lesson, you will learn the last of the 5 pentatonic guitar scale patterns.

Plus the one small addition that is the key to Blues and Rock guitar.

Step by step lesson on how to master the pentatonic guitar scale pattern
Box 5

1. Play along with the graphic and tab until the pattern feels natural to you.

2. Once the pattern feels natural to you and you don't have to consult the tab anymore you are ready to move onto the metronome.

Set the metronome at a slow speed with relaxed hands. - Maybe even slower than what seems natural. You are training your nervous system and gaining muscle memory at this stage.

3. Slowly build up the speed small steps at a time until you are going too fast and making mistakes. At this point, you want to reduce the speed a little bit and get it down first before moving on.

4 When you feel that you are fast enough, use a drum machine or a backing track to improvise over. Have fun and get to the place where you sound good.

5. Record yourself. Play it back and listen. Record again and again till you like what you are hearing.


Overview of how the 5 box patterns fit together.

Ok. So now you might take a look at the patterns all laid out together.

Notice that the beginner guitar scales neatly fit together until you get to box five.

What is up with that? Precisely.

Pattern or box five can fit not only on the bottom of pattern 4, but it also fits on the top of pattern 1.

The pentatonic scale patterns repeat.1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Bottom and top.

After you get to box 5, you start all over again with box 1

I know I haven't got a graphic for box 5 stuck to the bottom of box 4.

It does fit. Look at the bottom of box 4 and you'll see its the top of box 5.

The bottom notes of pattern 5 are also the top of box 1. Kinda cool eh?

Congratulations! You have finished the last lesson on the Beginner guitar scales.

1. You have learned pattern 5 of the pentatonic guitar.

2. You have learned to connect them together to travel up and down the fretboards in your own guitar solos.

3.What you have not learned is the simple addition I was talking about at the first of this page.

What is the small addition to the pentatonic scale that is the key to Blues and Rock guitar?

Click here to learn about the blues notes - Pentatonic blues scales.

Links to useful websites.

Gosk - Guitar scales

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