Guitar Fretboard Notes
Mental Map Secrets - Step 3

Guitar Fretboard diagram for fast learning
Master fretboard notes the easy way.

Welcome to step three of my guitar fretboard notes memorization system.

If you have been following the steps of the system, you should be pleased with your progress and the fretboard should be becoming like a good friend. If you need to review here's the links

  1. Learn the fretboard step one
  2. Learn the fretboard step two
  3. Learn the fretboard step three
  4. Learn the fretboard step four
  5. Learn the fretboard step five
  6. Learn the fretboard step six

Memorizing the fretboard notes is something most people take a very long time to do. If you have been diligent to review the fretboard diagram charts you will probably amaze a few people with your progress.

Here is a tip to speed your progress: If you visualize the fretboard notes and their placement away from your guitar and emotionalize the certainty of your knowledge, your subconscious mind will pick up on it much faster.

Your knowledge of the fretboard should become as easy as opening a door or as Chuck Berry says "just like ringing a bell".

Guitar fretboard memorization system - step 3

Instructions for step three:

If you have spent some time on the charts steps one and two, congratulations you've already done most of the work for step three.

Take a good look at the next three fretboard diagrams and get a good feel for the spacing between cluster BC and EF.

Three frets between BC and EF.

Five frets between EF and BC.

The most natural thing is for a person to want to have a skill now.

I know I do.

Remember most people take a very long time to finally memorize the fretboard notes.

Take one step at a time and you should be able to have your fretboard knowledge down quickly.

"Repetition is the mother of learning. Tom Hopkins " review each fretboard diagram during your day.

Stay at it.

Only a couple of more steps.

TIP: print this page and keep it in front of you as much as possible.

See you at Step Four.

Roy Barnett

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