Guitar Fretboard Notes
Mental Map Secrets - Step 5

Welcome to step five of my Guitar fretboard memorization system.

This is step 5

Here is the links to my diagram chart system if you need to review.

  1. Learn the fretboard step one
  2. Learn the fretboard step two
  3. Learn the fretboard step three
  4. Learn the fretboard step four
  5. Learn the fretboard step five
  6. Learn the fretboard step six

Only a couple more steps towards having all the Guitar fretboard notes memorized. If all this seems to be coming too fast slow down and take your time. One of the keys to learning something fast is to take it slow and repeat your learning until it is automatic.

If you've arrived here and are wondering what this is all about, this is step five of a guitar fretboard memorization system that I developed out of frustration when all I could find were confusing methods did not work for me.

Is is based on a memory technique called chunking - memorizing a large amount of info by taking small chunks of it at a time.

Important reasons for memorizing the fretboard down cold are the ability to know exactly where you are for faster soloing, chord construction concepts will be much easier to figure out and you will probably make a few people jealous because you are so good at it. (you could let them know about this website - maybe :)

Remember most guitarists take years to learn the fretboard notes, if it takes a few weeks you'll be far ahead of most. ( it shouldn't take that long but repetition is the mother of learning.)

Keep your goal ( instant identification of any note on the fretboard) in mind and keep at it.

I will be posting pdf files on the website for you to download and if you print it onto card stock they will make great review cards for you to take with you.

A great way to keep you skills up is to take a small backpack guitar with you to practice the fretboard diagram system in odd moments, whatever they may be, waiting in the car etc.

Guitar fretboard memorization system - step 5.

Instructions for step 5:

Take one chart at a time memorize it completely and reinforce that with knowledge from the previous cards.

TIP: print this page and keep it in front of you as much as possible.

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