Where to Learn Guitar
Discover your options for learning to play guitar

Where to learn guitar?

You've made a quality decision. You've decided to learn how to play guitar.

It used to be that the only routes you had would be to either find a teacher in your area or try to learn out of a book.

Thus, people deciding where to learn were very limited in their choices.

Having a teacher can be a great experience. Many have learned this way and succeeded.

In the same light, others have found the experience expensive and frustrating.

Meeting one on one with a teacher is just another thing that can add to guitar students busy schedule.

If you are fortunate enough to get started when you are quite young, have parents with plenty of money to spend and all the time in the world, this is a great option.

While this option would be great for everyone teachers and students do not always work well together.

Trying several different teachers can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive.

So what are your other options when deciding where to learn guitar?

If your extremely fortunate you are a guitar prodigy and can pick up any guitar and somehow tap into the universe and all of a sudden you are wowing people with your guitar virtuosity and utterly amazing genius. That would be great.

If you look at the background of most people like that someone in the family was a musician and made it so simple for them to figure out that they were getting the idea about things when they were maybe 2 years old. That's a great way to get wired into the guitar.

Most people don't have it that good.

Where to learn guitar - Consider online lessons.

The wonderful world of online guitar lessons.

The internet has provided guitar students who are eager and determined to do what it takes to master the guitar with many great teachers that can be there for you anytime. Literally.

Technology has made learning to play guitar so much easier to put back into your control. Where to learn guitar is now a matter of your choice

Some of the best teachers have made available on the internet what has taken them literally decades to learn and distilled it down into step by step instructions.

Lessons that would have cost thousands of dollars can be accessed for a fraction of the cost.

How to choose the best online guitar courses for you.

The first thing to start with is your end result. Where do you want to go with your guitar playing?

There are quite a few choices. Rock, Rockabilly, Blues, Bluegrass, country and so on.

Where is it that you want to go?

You can't hit a goal that you haven't set.

1.Set your goal - what kind of music do you want to play? How well do you want to play it? Where are you going to play it?

2. Check out the courses available online. I'll have some great recommendations later. Meanwhile, do a Google search for whatever type of lessons you are looking for.

I highly recommend focusing in on your type of music as opposed to a general course. If you choose wisely the fundamentals will be included in the course.

There are also membership sites that are really very good.

3. Choose one with a good return policy so you know you will be getting what you want without risk of losing your money.

You really would be hard pressed to do that with a local teacher.

4. Commit to the program. Set up your practice area and follow the program step by step until you are done.

5. Keep on learning. Learning guitar can be a lifetime undertaking.

Where to learn guitar is now easy. Just pick what is best for you.

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