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Urgent Medical Fundraiser for my wife, Jenny.
My wife has been having major medical challenges with brain and spinal tumors that have left her paraplegic and bedbound.
We have set up a fundraiser to help her get the help she needs. Would you please help?

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Would you please help?
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The Guitar Blues Scale Explained.

Burning desire for mastery of the guitar blues scale is where it starts. Believe it. The desire you have to master the blues is more important than any perceived talent because that desire is where the talent starts. If you put in the time, it becomes part of you.

The blues scale is basically the pentatonic scale with some blues notes blended in artistically along the way.

So basically there are three steps to blues scale mastery.

1. Learn the 5 pentatonic scale patterns and how they fit together. I've included a great downloadable PDF with free blues guitar scales

2. Learn to incorporate the blues notes into the pentatonic scale

3. Practice them until you do not have to think about what they are and how they fit together over a blues chord progression.

These are the building blocks to the mastery of blues solo guitar.

A solo consists of either improvisation or planned memorized combinations of licks.

Memorize these until you can literally do them in your sleep.

I highly recommend a drum machine or blues backing tracks to play in the background while you are practicing them. Not only will you get better at them, it's just a heck of allot of fun.

Once you have memorized each individual blues scale pattern blocks, practice moving between them, up a don the neck.

If you have not memorized the fretboard I have an easy to use system for doing just that. You can find it here.

Download a free Ebook containing free blues guitar scales

I have the patterns illustrated here in the key of A. you can move the patterns to any key by choosing the root note on the 6th string and starting your patterns from there. They are totally movable up and down the neck.

The Guitar Blues Scale - Guitar Solo Launching Pad

The blues scale is the pentatonic scale with the addition of one note.

Take a careful look, memorize and practice each version.

Note: It's very helpful to memorize the root note location for each pattern.

 Blues scale facts:

The bottom notes of the scale above
are the top notes of the scale below.

Number 5 attaches nicely to the top of number 1 and the bottom of number 4.

They are the same notes.

Number 5 attaches nicely to the top of number 1 and the bottom of number 4.

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Roy Barnett

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