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Wow, so many people have donated to Jenny's fundraiser and shared her story with their friends. We want to thank each and every one of you for the amazing support and love for Jenny in this very challenging time for her. 367 donors and climbing!
We encourage you to please get the word out to as many people as possible. Many others have helped and you can too. Jenny needs your support more than ever.
Thank you so much. 

Urgent Medical Fundraiser for my wife, Jenny.
My wife has been having major medical challenges with brain and spinal tumors that have left her paraplegic and bedbound.
We have set up a fundraiser to help her get the help she needs. Would you please help?

Many people donating to Jenny's fundraiser have been visitors to Guitar Skill Builder.com 

We appreciate each one of you.
You can make a huge difference!
Would you please help?
Please click here to see her story

Many people visiting this website have helped, you can too. 

See Jenny's Youcaring fundraiser page.



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If giving is hard right now please help us get the word out by sharing Jenny's fundraising page on your Facebook page, website, by email or any other way you feel comfortable with.

Here is the link to share.


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